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Website Solutions

A successful website requires a level of excellence on all levels, starting from the design and development, all the way to website performance and reachability. We will maintain a level of excellence on every step and ensure that your website remains among the best and most reliable …

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Data Center Services

For high-end sites, a secure, efficient and reliable data center is a necessity and allows services to run smoothly and without interruption. We provide a range of services that deal specifically with data center hosting …

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Network monitoring

Even the smartest networks can face outages and without proper monitoring and alert systems, these can wreak havoc on a service's reputation. Our monitoring systems not only detect when an outage has occurred, but also help predict when one might happen …

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Email Servers

Email still forms a basic and essential means of communication over the Internet. Unsolicited mass emails and viruses can dramatically reduce efficiency and we aim to eliminate this with the use of cutting edge filtering software …

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Intrusion Prevention

Our advanced intrusion prevention and detection systems work together with alerting mechanisms and defend against all possible attempts to infiltrate your network. …


  • iinix is a network and systems solution provider that offers a perfect blend of security, performance and ease of use.
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Featured Solutions

  • NMS
    Realtime updates on the health of your system
  • Email Filter
    Good riddance to spam and viruses
  • Firewalls
    Fine control over access to your network

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