Our Services

List of the services that we provide

Wordpress Recovery

Over 70 million websites on the Internet now run on Wordpress. That also means that it is the most targeted platform around, and a simple misconfiguration, or rogue plugin could expose it to all kinds of attacks. Our team can help you recover, and protect your Wordpress site.

Scale Your Online Presence

Success often comes hand in hand with scalibility issues. After a certain threshold, throwing more memory, or more processing power just doesn't cut it. Our experience with scaling websites to handle millions of users will help you plan, and cater to your growing customer base.

Intrusion Detection

A massive number of active websites on the Internet are compromised, yet these intrusions often go undetected. To save on bandwidth, and hosting costs, as well as to prevent data leaks, periodic security audits, and intrusion detection are necessary. We are the people to do it.

Security First

Protection of your data, as well as that of your users, needs to be top priority. We will help you build your online presence with strong security as its base.