Our services are designed to help increase your network's efficiency and security and cover a wide range of expertise. For any system or network related services not listed here, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Data Center Services

For high-end sites a secure, efficient and reliable data center is a necessity and allows services to run smoothly and without interruption. We provide a range of services that deal specifically with data center hosting …

Security Services

We provide security audits and planning services that cover network-level and system-level policies and transform your setup into a fortress against threats, with minimal hindrance to every day operations. …

Intrusion Prevention

Our advanced intrusion prevention and detection systems work together with alerting mechanisms and defend against all attempts to infiltrate your network. …


We also offer services concering the following:


Wondering about what is your best option for Internet or LAN connectivity? We address all your concerns.

Contact Center Solutions

Require assistance setting up a call/contact center? We provide solutions that will reduce costs, enable new features and increase overall productivity.

Virus Protection

Viruses and trojans can cause you harm not only in terms of bandwidth and repair costs, but can also create a negative image for your organization.

Web and Application Servers

Applications are now shifting to web-based interfaces instead of running natively on your desktop. These require robust and efficient servers to run. We can help you choose the best solution.

Directory Services

Find the best sites on the web via the Ultra Directory and the SNS Directory. If you have any sites of your, submit them on either one of these.