Wordpress Recovery

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Vulnerable Wordpress

Running on over 70 million websites, Wordpress is a mature, easy to use, and well-tested piece of software. However, it is also a prime target for hackers, trojans, and worms who look for the simplest of vulnerabilities or misconfigurations to exploit.

Attack Vectors

The most common attack vectors include third party plugins and permission issues with the hosting service. Attackers can exploit these to inject code into your website. Once they have control of your admin panel, or database, they can redirect traffic, or gather data of your users.


Many people are not even aware that their website has been compromised. It usually takes a massive data breach, or a report from a third party to identify such an attack. We recommend regular security audits to ensure you are safe.

Our Solution

With many years of experience in securing, and recovering Wordpress setups of all shapes and sizes, we are unmatched when it comes to getting back your data, and getting your services up and running again after a catastrophe.


Time is of the essence. Recovery of your website or data will start the moment you have signed us onboard, avoiding any further damage


We will ensure maximum recovery and that any losses in terms of data or service outage are kept to a minimum

Long Lasting

Our solutions include system hardening and updates to your policies, ensuring that your data and website remain secure for years to come

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